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Is your home looking a little bare? Why not spice it up with an item or two from one of the high-quality furniture stores near Montmorenci, Indiana. Gibson Furniture, located just a few short miles out of town, is proud to provide unique, tasteful furniture at an incredibly affordable price. Come in, peruse our items, and allow one of our friendly staff members to help you find the piece of your dreams! From home décor to bedroom furniture to dining room tables, Gibson Furniture has it all!

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is probably your favorite room in the entire house. It’s a place of privacy, solitude, and comfort. However, lately something has just seemed off. You wake up in the morning and stare at the bland, white wall, which perfectly matches your dull, grey sheets. Sometimes waking up in the morning feels like a chore because the colorless atmosphere makes you even more sleepy! If this sounds like you, it may be time to head to Gibson Furniture and check out the incredible selection of bedroom furniture in Montmorenci, IN. Let us help you brighten up your bedroom so you’re ready to jump out of bed in the morning!

Office Furniture

Are you finding it hard to concentrate due to a wobbly desk? Maybe your wooden desk or bookshelf is giving you painful splinters! You can’t afford to settle for second (or third) best when it comes to your productivity; you need only the best pieces of office furniture in Montmorenci, IN for your home! Check out our wide array of desks, bookshelves, and more!

Dining Room Sets

Nothing stifles a family gathering quite like a dining room table that moves when you try to cut your steak. Or, better yet, a table that’s WAY too small or WAY too large for the number of guests at your home. Proper proportions, a quality build, and a beautiful finish are all crucial parts of the perfect dining room set. Don’t wait for your table to fall apart before you buy a new one, check out the Montmorenci, IN dining sets at Gibson Furniture today!



When my husband said "let's take a drive out to see what Gibson's has!" I was skeptical -- a furniture store not only in the middle of nowhere, but across the street from a livestock auction? He had to be kidding right? WRONG!

Was I ever excited walking out of there!! Really good pieces, custom creations, reasonable prices, a wonderfully friendly staff (Mrs. Gibson is so sweet!) -- and to top it off, delivery was a week ahead of when we expected it! The delivery crew was early, polite, and made sure everything was assembled / in place before leaving. All I know is that we'll be making a drive out to the country again the next time we need new furniture (or even decor items!). Thanks!!



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Stop by today to visit our 20,000 sq ft. showroom to see the finest furniture in the area! Financing is available with approved credit. No matter what price range or personal style you are looking for, you'll find the perfect piece at Gibson Furniture!

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